Zip World

Zip World Titan

Sit back and zip away as you and your friends fly down Europe’s largest zip zone! Take flight on 3 exhilarating zip lines and soak up the amazing quarry views during the experience of a lifetime.

Some facts about Titan:

  • How Many Zips? 3 - Alpha, Bravo & Charlie
  • How Far? 1,890 metres
  • Starting Height? 483 metres above sea level
  • Duration? 2 hours

Zip World Caverns

Do you dare to try Caverns? Fly, climb and traverse your way through our unique underground course in a slate mine disused for the past 200 years; if you’re up to the challenge that is! Don't worry, you don't have to complete the tightrope if you don't want to! There's another route!

Some facts about Caverns:

  • Number of Zips? 13!
  • Anything else? Via Ferrata, Rope Bridges, Tightropes...
  • Duration? 3 hours

Bounce Below

Unleash your inner-thrill seeker in our enormous underground net adventure! Jump and slide your way through the disused mine on the best playground ever!

Some facts about Bounce Below:

  • How many nets? 6
  • Open to spectators? Yes
  • Duration? 1 hour
Quarry Explorer
Quarry Explorer

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