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This page show examples of the type of content you can add to any page. Each "block" of content sits in its own container meaning you can very easily re-order and move content around on-page to suit your needs.

Simply drag it in the Admin Area to achieve the desired order.

You do not have to add all these fields they are all optional. You can add just an image or just a gallery or a mix of everything.

Columns Text with a Text Block H3 heading

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Feature Box Headline

This is a feature box .. They can be a bit finicky to get right so make sure you check these in all devices if you use them.

This is a great site I really like the way I can do stuff easily in the Admin Area. I can pick and choose my content and move things around a bit
Lord Thorogood

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This is a small piece of text which goes in the Box Text Field

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